Siem Reap

SIEM REAP Tourism has made Siem Reap one of the most advanced cities in Cambodia, with an international airport, shopping malls, and a variety of both fast food and fine restaurants. But scratch the surface of this gateway province to the Angkor Wat temple complex and life moves at the same relaxed pace as it […]

Phnom Penh

As a province, the municipality of Phnom Penh is a thriving, vibrant, cosmopolitan urban centre. Arts and industry, commerce and politics – everything can be found within the city. Phnom Penh never fails to impress or intrigue the visitors discovering her streets. The city is growing rapidly and visitors will see construction sites across the […]


Located on Cambodia’s rugged eastern border with Vietnam, Mondulkiri is inhabited by more hill tribe minority people than ethnic Khmers, and their unique cultures are visible everywhere in this magical jungle province. Dotted with waterfalls and rivers, cloaked in forest, Mondulkiri is an eco-tourist’s paradise and a hiker’s dream. There are few roads, and even […]


The tiny seaside hamlet of Kep, established by the French in 1908 as Kep-Sur-Mer was a thriving resort town for the French and Cambodian elite until the early 1970s, and even the retired King Norodom Sihanouk built a villa here. Literally meaning “saddle,” the ruins of the once-grand villas still remain, and fans of architecture […]


World-famous for its pepper, this southwestern province is also the source of much of the country’s salt production and a range of tropical fruits, from the spiky and pungent durian to lychees and longans. Just outside the main town, a series of rapids which flow from the wilderness of Elephant Mountain above provide a beautiful […]


The north-western province of Battambang is often claimed to be the most beautiful of all Cambodian provinces. It is also the rice bowl of the country. In the fading evening light, the sight of endless fields of young rice dotted with sugar palms and the occasional limestone karsts jutting out of the earth make it […]