with driver and self-drive options

Tourists holding a licence from a foreign country or an international licence are not allowed to drive within Cambodia! Please, see our car with driver option.

Best option if you don’t have Cambodian Licence


Cambodian law requires that any driver in the Kingdom holds a current Cambodian driver’s license. We appreciate that tourists, visiting businesspeople, and even some expats living here long term will not have a current license. So why not choose our car with driver option? All our drivers are fully insured, speak good English, and have in depth knowledge of the country. No matter your destination, we can get you there safely and on time for any business meetings or hotel bookings. For tourists, we can also suggest itineraries for you so that you experience the best of the Kingdom of Wonder. If you are interested in the car with driver option and want to know more, please give us a call or use our online contact form. You can also use our easy to use online system to identify availability and generate a quote.

Warning, Cambodian driving licence is required to drive into the kingdom o Cambodia.

Self-drive, available for Cambodian Licence holders


Are you an expat or a local living in Cambodia? Or are you working with a business or NGO based in Cambodia? If you are, and if you hold a current Cambodian driving licence, then why not choose our self-drive option? With a range of well-maintained vehicles and 24/7 support, our emphasis is on quality cars and a reliable service. For NGOs and companies, we offer short term car hire of 3 to 7 days. For expats, we offer hire periods of 7 days and up. If you are looking for longer term availability, we offer leasing options of up to 12 months. With a simple car online booking system serving all of Cambodia, why not get in touch with us today?

Car Hire Included Services

All our vehicles and drivers are insured


All our vehicles and drivers are insured through top insurance companies, giving you the peace of mind to choose us as the best car rental company in Cambodia. All drivers renting our vehicles for self-drive services must hold a valid Cambodian driving licence. With full car rental insurance and the best customer support in Cambodia, we are the safe and reliable option for all your car rental needs while in Cambodia.

24/7 Support Service

24/7 Support


One complaint we have often heard about many car rental companies in Cambodia is that there is a lack of support for customers. As a collective of professionals and car owners, we operate differently. We have set up a support system which is unequalled in the country. In the very rare event that one of our vehicles breaks down, if the problem cannot be fixed locally and quickly, we will send one of our staff with a replacement car. In the first instance, we will try and locate a mechanic close to your location and we will talk to them to facilitate repairs. If that is not possible, then we will send the replacement car. Our support line is available 24/7 so you can reach us any time of day or night.